Phish Song Rankings as of Grand Prairie Fall 2016

Another two night stop on the Fall tour. As much as I pine for a throwback style fall tour with indoor venues and cold winter nights, these two night stops through the more clement weather is a vicarious way to extend the summer to those of us fighting off the cold. Though that is about impossible right now here at Kaufmak Central, negative digits abound the last few days.  After listening to the Helping Friendly Podcast reflect on December 1997, I can’t help but think of those great shows and wish for a chance to see something similar.

It might not be as far off as all of that though. The rumor mill seems to be under the impression that Fishman is in need of shoulder surgery and it could impact Summer 2017. Perhaps making way for a killer Fall 2017? A twenty year anniversary of sort of 1997 and Phish Destroying America? Though, I don’t think they could book the college campuses of yore, nor do I think large arenas like Auburn Hills are in the offing anymore. I think those days are gone for good. But maybe smaller venues, say of the 1994 vintage. Slightly larger than theaters, but not professional basketball arenas either. I must admit, a return to the UIC Pavilion (yes, ironic, college and basketball, but not the United Center and more of a Chicago venue than say, State College PA) would be fantastic.

But that is conjecture and very wishful thinking on my part. In the here and almost now, Phish played a couple of shows in Texas and judging by the reviews, especially night two, not the best shows of tour. I won’t be joining in those debates, just the numbers for now. The most interesting number is 100. That is how many times Backward Down the Number Line has been played. It is, if memory serves, the first post breakup song to hit that mark. It also gives me another note to investigate in the winter/spring project after this year’s Mexico sets. Stay tuned.

Of note from these two shows is that Breath and Burning has moved up into the top 300, pretty quick for such a new song. Two stalwarts of Phish, Chalk Dust Torture and Poor Heart reached milestones 450 and 300 times played respectively.  That three-way tie I mentioned last time? Yeah, it’s over as David Bowie moved up to sole possession of eighth place. Next up: Vegas and a lot of new songs. For now, your Top 20:

1   You Enjoy Myself – 577
2    Possum – 513
3    Mike’s Song – 491
4   Weekapaug Groove – 460
5   Bouncing Around the Room – 457
6    Golgi Apparatus – 453
7    Chalk Dust Torture – 450 450 times played!
8    David Bowie – 440
9    Cavern – 439
9   Run Like an Antelope – 439


11   Suzy Greenberg – 416
12   Divided Sky – 409
13   Stash – 408
14   Reba – 374
14   Runaway Jim – 374
16   Harry Hood – 365
17   Tweezer – 354
18   The Squirming Coil – 347
19   Foam – 342
20   I Am Hydrogen – 335


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