Phish Song Rankings: As Of Lockn Summer 2016

Was going to try and catch up all at once and then thought, “Why?” Instead, going to do a few hits and catch up to the fall and go from there. This is partly inspired by my confession last time, but also because nuggets are to be found through all of the shows. Also, wanted to add a new wrinkle towards the end of these posts, that being what the average rank of the songs played is for a particular run. I have nothing to base it on at the moment (and might very well need my math and/or formula corrected) It occurred to me that some shows are top-heavy while others have bust-outs galore or newer music. So off to the Old Dominion!

Ghost hit a major milestone at Lockn, reaching 150 times played. Axilla hit 100 times played. There was a time that I thought Axilla Part II was overplayed. Not so much anymore. The Line moved into the Top 200, displacing I’m Blue, I’m Lonesome. I’m interested to see what shakes up the Top 100 in the next couple of tours. Though it’s a bit on the outside right now, my guess is that 46 Days will move up, pushing Love You out.

Still a shock is the fast movement of Martian Monster. It has reached the Top 250. I would have never guessed a song from that particular Halloween would be moving up the chart so fast. Sure, it won’t reach the Top 100 any time soon. But such a specific song from a specific night has really made its way into the play lists.

Night one at Lockn featured one song from the Top Ten; 5 from the Top 50; 13 from the Top 100 and 5 ranked over 100. The average rank at Lockn night one was 101.

Night two at Lockn featured two songs from the Top Ten; 8 from the Top 50; 14 from the Top 100 and 8 above 100. The average rank at Lockn night two was 94.

Your Top Twenty as of Lockn

1   You Enjoy Myself Р577
2    Possum Р510
3 ¬†¬†¬†Mike’s Song – 488
4   Weekapaug Groove Р457
5   Bouncing Around the Room Р456
6    Golgi Apparatus Р453
7    Chalk Dust Torture Р447
8    David Bowie Р439
9    Cavern Р438
10   Run Like an Antelope Р436

11   Suzy Greenberg Р414
12   Divided Sky Р407
13   Stash Р405
14   Reba Р374
15   Runaway Jim Р372
16   Harry Hood Р362
17   Tweezer Р352
18   The Squirming Coil Р346
19   Foam Р341 (22%)
20   I Am Hydrogen Р335

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