Phish Song Rankings As Of SPAC Summer 2016

Oh dear. The amount of critique and downright anger over the SPAC shows is something else.  Not only that, but people are angry at the people who are angry and critical of the SPAC shows.  We have even moved at people being angry at the people who are directing their anger at the people are angry.

I’m not quite what to make of it, really.  I managed to catch a mixlr stream for a little bit of the final show and it was…ok.  Looking at the setlists for all three nights, meh. I won’t be going out of my way to find the shows.  I’d like to hear the second set Moma Dance, but after that I’ve got a lot of music to listen to before SPAC 2016 hits the queue.

And listen. If you had a great time at SPAC or the shows have changed your life? Great! No seriously, that’s great.  Fuck everybody else. Hell fuck the above two paragraphs.  Your show is not my show. Enjoy your show.

As far as the numbers go, a couple of interesting notes.  Most interesting to me anyway is that 555 knocked Steep, Swept Away and Frankie Says from the Top 200.  For a song first played in 2013 that is quite the meteoric rise, 30 plays is 88 shows, or 34% of the shows.  It shows something that I think is great about Phish, they are happy to throw in the bust outs, but new material gets a pretty fair shake too.

Light reached the 75 plays plateau at SPAC and Guelah Papyrus reached the lofty summit of 200 plays which keeps the song firmly in the Top 50 of songs Phish has played.  I know one person complained about the lack of big hitters/jamming songs at SPAC this time around.  But look at it this way: Phish went pretty far down into their overall catalog, including a lot of new material for these shows.  As they sort out what will make the greater rotation from this new crop, we’ll get to be along for the ride.  Who knows? Maybe Blaze On will stand the test of time.  Or perhaps it will go the way of Saw It Again, which each time it gets played I’ll think, “why don’t they play this more?”  Your Top 20 through SPAC:

1   You Enjoy Myself – 574
2    Possum – 506
3    Mike’s Song – 485
4   Weekapaug Groove – 454
4   Bouncing Around the Room – 454
6    Golgi Apparatus – 451
7    Chalk Dust Torture – 441
8    David Bowie – 438
9    Cavern – 436
10   Run Like an Antelope – 433

11   Suzy Greenberg – 413
12   Divided Sky – 405
13   Stash – 402
14   Reba – 374
15   Runaway Jim – 372
16   Harry Hood – 358
17   Tweezer – 348
18   The Squirming Coil – 346
19   Foam – 341 (22%)
20   I Am Hydrogen – 335

Featured Image courtesy of Andrea Nusinov @azn great stuff check it out!

I finally got my podcast working the way I’d like, so if you’d like to hear some US History presented in a lively, fun way, check it out! (warning! the first two episodes audio is not good, but by episode three, I got it!) Episode 32 is up! Get Your History On! Oh and you can get it on iTunes too!

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One thought on “Phish Song Rankings As Of SPAC Summer 2016”

  1. Friday was truly something else. The crowd was electric, the band was laughing and having fun and kept the hits coming and coming. Saturday was mellow and Sunday was a lot of fun, just different. Many think that because it’s a Sunday show it has to be an all-out rage-fest 5 star show every time—well guess what? Our standards are really high and not every show can have the playfulness of the Bethel Makisupa and the extended creativity of the Drive-in jam. Were there some bloops? Yes. Were there some shining moments? Yes. Was it still better than most of the 2009 tour? Yes.

    Lighten up people. We’re lucky enough to have a great band coming out and playing their hearts out and having fun while they’re doing it for us. Oh you didn’t get your Tweezer prediction? That’s funny, I thought a main reason that many loved the band was because they were so unpredictable, but I guess the “Me-want Me-get” mentality is the only way positive words arise anymore.

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