Phish Song Rankings: As of The Mann 6/29/16

I know it’s hard to believe, but Summer Tour kind of snuck up on me.  I’m a bit late to the table as a result.  After running through the Mann shows to update the rankings, I’m feeling good and ready to keep pace with the various stops along the way.  As is always, things move in strange ways.  Though the top numbers don’t change much, there are always some fun tidbits and minutia and just neat things to look at down the roll of songs.

One of my favorite things about watching the songs ebb and flow in the playing rotation is to see songs that have been around a long time matching up with newer songs.  Daniel Saw the Stone reached the 20 times played mark on 6/22, first played in 1993.  While Steam hit that same plateau on 6/25, starting in 2011.

Even a newer song, 555, has reached the Top 200 and as you look around that neighborhood some songs like Swept Away and Steep have gone out of the rotation.  I Didn’t Know has reached an impressive milestone, 250 times played.  It’s weird that I feel like IDK is kind of a rare song, but in truth it’s been played in the heavier rotation for quite some time.  Finally, falling out of the Top 50 was Rocky Top, a song that seemed quite comfortable on the college campus circuit but now seems a little out of place.

Speaking of out of place, as I compare my list to that of, I seem to be way off on some of my counts.  I’ll have to do a check against ZZYXX, and me.  Even so, the numbers still keep the Top 25 in relatively the same order.  See you after SPAC with even more accuracy!

As of The Mann Summer 2016

1   You Enjoy Myself – 574
2    Possum – 505
3    Mike’s Song – 485
4   Weekapaug Groove – 454
5   Bouncing Around the Room – 453
6    Golgi Apparatus – 450
7    Chalk Dust Torture – 440
8    David Bowie – 437
9    Cavern – 436
10   Run Like an Antelope – 432
11   Suzy Greenberg – 413
12   Divided Sky – 404
13   Stash – 402
14   Reba – 374
15   Runaway Jim – 372
16   Harry Hood – 357
17   Tweezer – 348
18   The Squirming Coil – 345 (22%)
19   Foam – 341 (22%)
20   I Am Hydrogen – 335

I finally got my podcast working the way I’d like, so if you’d like to hear some US History presented in a lively, fun way, check it out! (warning! the first two episodes audio is not good, but by episode three, I got it!) Episode 32 is up! Get Your History On! Oh and you can get it on iTunes too!

 Get Your History On


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