Phish Song Rankings: As of Riviera Maya 1/15-1/17

What a weekend! I can’t deny that I’m envious of all those that got to Mexico.  I’m not very anti-snow and cold weather, but if you’re going to entice me with a trip to warmer climes, throwing Phish in will seal the deal.  The price tag for Riviera May was just a little too much for my budget.  Maybe next year, if there is a next year.

As far as the set lists are concerned, there wasn’t anything especially significant.  I don’t think that was the point of these shows.  This was Phantasy Island. Days lounging about, being able to splash in the ocean during a Phish show.  That’s why Phish did this.  It wasn’t about epic shows it was about an epic experience.  From what I’ve heard, as with most special events put on by Phish, they delivered.

There wasn’t any change in the top twenty, though a fair representation of those songs was present.  Wolfman’s Brother reached 175 plays and Funky Bitch reached the top 50 with its 195th play.

Much further down the list, a few significant milestones were reached.  Rock and Roll was played for its 75th time and Cities reached 80 plays.  I find the rise of Half Way to the Moon, at 30 plays, to be a pretty fast climb. What’s the Use? reached 25 plays and in just over a year, Martian Monster, a pretty inaccessible song when you think about it, has been played 10 times.

It was quite a year for Phish.  Not only did we get a great summer tour, we had a great festival in New York, another weekend at Dick’s, a return to MSG and to top it all off, a winter getaway in Mexico.  It makes you wonder what can they possibly do in 2016?  Your Top Twenty:

1   You Enjoy Myself – 573

2    Possum – 504

3    Mike’s Song – 483

4    Bouncing Around the Room – 452

4   Weekapaug Groove – 452

6    Golgi Apparatus – 450

7    Chalk Dust Torture – 439

8    David Bowie – 437

9    Cavern – 435

10   Run Like an Antelope – 431

11   Suzy Greenberg – 412

12   Divided Sky – 403

13   Stash – 401

14   Reba – 373

15   Runaway Jim – 371 (24%)

16   Harry Hood – 355

17   Tweezer – 347

18   The Squirming Coil – 345 (22%)

19   Foam – 341 (22%)

20   I Am Hydrogen – 333 (21%)


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