Phish Song Rankings As Of Magnaball

I’ll get to the song rankings in a moment but I’d like to share my plans for the next few posts here at the old Lazy Blog.  Basically, Magnaball was a great, great experience and I don’t think one post can sum up everything.  I don’t know how many posts, but I’m guessing more than one.

Oh, and you might have noticed that the percentages have slowly been disappearing.  I’ve been eliminating them slowly as each song has been played.  Basically, the percentages aren’t correct at this point.  When the tour is over I’ll go to ZZYZX and share the list with the proper percentages again.

As far as the songs go, well they keep on going don’t they? Part of the fun of Phish I would say.  Over the weekend 11 of the Top 20 were played, including the top three.  Of note, Weekepaug hit 450 and Stash joined the 400 club.

Further afield, Fuego broke into the top 200 over the weekend.  It might not seem like much, but it is pretty amazing that such a young song has moved up so quickly.  One of the fun things about looking at the placings of the songs is seeing what the band has been into over the years.  While the Top 20 is predominantly a list of the older material, building up numbers during the heavy touring years of the 1990s, many parts of the list reflect what was once a staple of the band, only to fade.  Who knows where Blaze On will wind up? But it’s great to watch.  Speaking of that Top 20, here is the list post-ball:

1   You Enjoy Myself – 572
2    Possum – 502
3    Mike’s Song – 481
4    Bouncing Around the Room – 450
4    Golgi Apparatus – 450
4    Weekapaug Groove – 450 450th time played!  
7    Chalk Dust Torture – 436
8    David Bowie – 435
9    Cavern – 434
10   Run Like an Antelope – 429
11   Suzy Greenberg – 411
12   Divided Sky – 402
13   Stash – 400 400th time played
14   Runaway Jim – 371 (24%)
14   Reba – 371
16   Harry Hood – 352
17   The Squirming Coil – 345 (22%)
17   Tweezer – 345
19   Foam – 341 (22%)
20   I Am Hydrogen – 330 (21%)


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