Phish Song Rankings: What Mann Hath Wrought

A couple of shows at the Mann Center in Philadelphia of course added numbers to the list and after the weekend a couple of points of interest.  The biggest news is AC/DC Bag reaching 300 plays.  It has an outside shot at gaining the Top 20 as I see Foam and I Am Hydrogen eventually falling out.  There are, however, some staples ahead of AC/DC that will make that jump difficult.  My guess is Sparkle will be the newest Top 20 song in a couple of tours.

Within the Top 20, the biggest news is the tie for 7th has returned.  Chalk Dust, Bowie and Cavern are all at 434.  YEM of course still holds the top spot and Possum hasn’t moved from 500 plays.

Further a field, but giving us some insight into what songs are the new staples, Backwards Down the Number Line has broken into the Top 100 with 89 plays.  Considering that BDTNL didn’t debut until the 2009 return of the band, that is quite impressive.  I’m also a little surprised that such a new song with so many plays hasn’t brought more complaints.  If people are sick of BDTNL, they aren’t too vocal.

One of my favorite things about this project is watching the new songs leap frog 5, 10, even 15 places with each play.  No Men In No Man’s Land and Blaze On are already up to ~315.  My counting may be off a bit down the list.  I’ll be going over the standings with a fine toothed comb after tour.  Anyway, here’s the Top 20 after the Mann:

1   You Enjoy Myself – 570 (37%)
2    Possum – 500
3    Mike’s Song – 479
4    Golgi Apparatus – 449 (29%)
4    Bouncing Around the Room – 449 (29%)
6    Weekapaug Groove – 448
7    Chalk Dust Torture – 434
7    David Bowie – 434 back in a tie for 7th
7    Cavern – 434 back in tie for 7th
10   Run Like an Antelope – 427
11   Suzy Greenberg – 410 (26%)
12   Divided Sky – 401 (26%)
13   Stash – 398
14   Runaway Jim – 371 (24%)
15   Reba – 369 (24%)
16   Harry Hood – 351
17   The Squirming Coil – 345 (22%)
18   Tweezer – 343
19   Foam – 341 (22%)
20   I Am Hydrogen – 329 (21%)

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