Phish Song Rankings: Post-Alpine

I’ll write more about Alpine a little later in the week, but as far as the numbers go a few interesting bits.  The most impressive number to come out of the weekend is that Possum has reached 500 plays.  For a band that doesn’t repeat set lists from show to show, that really is something, a lot of shows at the very least.  An interesting perspective on that number, consider that after Alpine, Mike’s Son has been played 479 times.  At the earliest, if Mike’s was played at the next 21 shows, given that the number of dates is relatively similar, It wouldn’t be until mid summer 2016 that Mike’s would reach 500. And we know that won’t happen, so it may very well be 2018 or later before this happens again.

As far as the rest of the top 20 is concerned, not much has changed even though six songs from the list were played.  And while there were a lot of bust outs on the second night, as far as great changes within the standings, nothing moved that far along.  I do like that Colonel Forbin and Mockingbird are attached at the hip.  So many pairings that we see actually have been played independently of each other.  Looking at the songs that really got the crowd swooning, they are pretty much in that sweet spot of being played enough, say over 20 times, for even a more casual, yet into, fan to know the song.  Debuts and new songs are rare only by their newness. As I get more into this and these numbers, the amount of songs tried and pretty much abandoned is pretty staggering.  This doesn’t even include the Halloween songs played once and never again, but Phish compositions that just didn’t click with the band for some reason.

After Alpine and bust out central, I’m not sure what to expect as the band moves to the east coast and the home base, let along the festival at Watkins Glen.  As last night proved, however, Phish is still full of surprises.  Your Top 20 as of 8.9.2015:

1   You Enjoy Myself – 570 (37%)
2    Possum – 500 the big 500!
3    Mike’s Song – 479
4    Golgi Apparatus – 449 (29%)
4    Bouncing Around the Room – 449 (29%)
6    Weekapaug Groove – 448
7    Chalk Dust Torture – 434
8    David Bowie – 433 (28%)
8    Cavern – 433 (28%)
10   Run Like an Antelope – 427
11   Suzy Greenberg – 410 (26%)
12   Divided Sky – 401 (26%)
13   Stash – 397 (26%)
14   Runaway Jim – 371 (24%)
15   Reba – 369 (24%)
16   Harry Hood – 350
17   The Squirming Coil – 345 (22%)
18   Tweezer – 343
19   Foam – 341 (22%)
20   I Am Hydrogen – 329 (21%)

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