Phish at Northerly Island Night Three, Set Two 7/20/14: Ka-Wedge!

So to answer my own question of “what can be left?” the answer is, “a lot! A whole flipping lot!” Set two of the third night was the best set of the weekend.  I’m still on kind of a buzz from last night so I don’t want to think about the whole run just yet.  I know I need to get to it before the band performs again.  The internet does not rest.

Down With Disease, a big ticket number if there ever was one, started the set out and pretty much let us know that we were in for something special.  It was a pretty steady jam and the segue into Winterqueen felt natural, not forced.  With Winterqueen nine of the ten songs from Fuego were played over the weekend.  As it stands, Fuego and Wingsuit are my favorites and I appreciate The Line.

After a nice musical sorbet of Theme from the Bottom, the main entree of the set came in the form of Mike’s Song.  When Mike’s starts, it’s just a given that we are in for a run of songs that may or may not have been linked in the past, ultimately ending in a Weekapaug.  For most of us, we’ve seen some good Mike’s, some bad ones too (bad being a relative term.)  This was definitely a good one.  Mike’s Song was pretty straight-forward, booming its way until the next, improbable song, The Wedge.  At this point there has already been quite a bit written about this Wedge, and it is pretty much true.  It was magnificent, breaking aware from its normal bonds and going into strong Type II jamming.  The chord progressions that Trey explored were just beautiful, one of those moments where I realize, again, why I love this band.  Watching, listening to Phish explore something new, yet familiar (folks were comparing it to Paradise City) is what drew me in from the beginning.

To the delight of the crowd, Ghost started, though I was kind of hoping for a “Wedgiepaug.” Though The Ghost was up to the task of keeping the strong set going.  Hearing almost all of the Fuego songs along side the songs from Story of the Ghost really brings home some of the comparisons between the two records.  It isn’t a perfect match, but there is a certain mood in the music that works well together.  More pairings between the two will be fun to see explored.

The Ghost moved perfectly into Weekapaug and it is a great way to close a the set, except that it wasn’t.  After a deliriously fantastic Weekapaug, the band launched into First Tube that was as close to the spike of the ball as you will ever get.  It was pushing the envelope and it was another unsuspected, yet somehow, perfect moment.  I still can’t get over how good Phish is still at more often than not, making the right choice when it comes to that next song.

I stayed for the encore, a rare choice for me.  I’ll get into that later, but it was fun to walk out with everybody for a change.  I actually saw some folks selling their wares toward the parking lot which was also fun to see.  There was a day I’d pick up a few extra shirts, probably a grilled cheese, not last night.  I probably need another Phish shirt (after the tour shirt, I’m not a monster) like I need another hole in the head and a tour grilled cheese even less.


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