Phish at Northerly Island Night Three, Set One 7/20/14: What Can Be Left?

Maybe because I’m running on fumes, but this set just blew me away. Things started off innocuously enough with a smooth, groovy Gumbo, but then Runaway Jim just took over and set us on a course for some hard rock and groove. I still haven’t seen My Sweet One, but I did see Tela for the first time since 1994, so that is pretty cool. There are people here who weren’t even born the last time I saw that song!

The Line came next and it has a nice build up feel to it, a natural song for tension, seeing how it is about personal tension. What came next was one of the craziest rides I’ve seen at a Phish show, that’s saying something.

The Scent of a Mule started out normal enough, enough for a song about a mule and laser beams anyway. Then in the breakaway segment, things got weird. Fish started playing some weird vibraphone kinda thing, then Trey and Mike started playing on the cymbals and drums. I have no idea what Page was doing, but everyone was around the drum kit. It was the closest thing to a Drums/Space I’ve ever seen Phish play.

The energy stayed up, way up with a raging Bathtub Gin. Quite frankly I don’t know where that Gin goes in the pantheon of Gins I’ve seen. All I know is that I’ve been spoiled to see so many. We finally got to cool down with a Silent in the Morning, but were brought right back into it with Maze. Confession, it took a while to get into Maze for me. Whenever I heard it I was hoping for a Bowie. Now I’m older, wiser, happier with whatever comes.

In keeping with the well constructed sets that we’ve gotten this weekend, the Ocelot/ Walls of the Cave closer was just perfect. Not exactly the Antelope from last night, but hot nonetheless.

Speaking of hot, first time all weekend I have the Phish sweats. Talk about some summer time memories. Also, and I’ll get into it a little more later, but I’m going to do something crazy tonight. I’m staying for the encore. If three nights in a row has taught me anything, it’s that this is tiring and special. I won’t see any more shows this year, and depending on the timing, maybe none next year. This is to be savored.

I finally got an opener right! DWD just kicked in, see you later.


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