Phish at Northerly Island Day Two Set Two 7/19/14: We Keep It Rolling

I was wrong on this set opener too, but at least I was standing next to a guy who called Carini. I’ll admit, before Carini became a slightly to great exploratory tune I wasn’t the biggest fan, kind of found it to he a bit gimmicky.

No gimmicks now, Carini got us started in a spacy/jammy place with Waves taking over and leading to the other new song I’ve been pining for, Fuego. It only disappointed in the fact that it was too short. In a year or two this is going to be a tent pole of a set. Twist held its own and I also like the direction Light is taking.

Another prize shorter/breather song in Twenty Years Later was next. I’m not sure where this song is in the popularity of Phish songs, for me it’s a favorite. The lyrics speak to me more than most Phish songs. While I love the music and playing of the band, I would never argue they are great song writers. For me anyway, this song touches me. Perhaps it’s the reflective tone, the memory inherent in the words. I can relate.

Next came Hood. Seeing some buzz about Hood, something about its best year since 1994. I don’t know about all that and considering my favorite Hood is Vegas 1996, I’ll leave that discussion to the literati.

It was a good version to be sure. A very playful intro with just an inspiring finishing crescendo. I was shocked that a Cavern followed to close the set. I made my way out at that point.

I didn’t stick for the encores, in part because I had a long-ass walk back to my car. Also I wanted to see on my long-ass walk how the sound was toward the remote parking. Not bad. I also wanted to see if I could get a cool shot across the water. No such luck, too many mosquitoes.

As sets go, I put the first night second set a little higher, but not by much. After repeated listening the final tally might be different. We’ll see tomorrow.


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