Phish at Northerly Island 7/19/14: Night Two Preview: An Interesting Development

So, I was on my way to section 312, being the law-abiding citizen that I am, when I notice that no one is monitoring the BIG GAP leading to the floor. So, I took a right turn and here I am, working my way Page side almost to the front. Seriously, they can’t think that I wouldn’t take such an opportunity? It would have been wrong not to! (I’ll tweet a pic in a minute.)

After last night, especially set two, I’m trying to temper my expectations. It was that good; lots of segues, good jams and my personal weakness a fair amount of space. Now, is it 6/20/95? Well no, but that was 1995, Phish is on to something new, with enough of what works to keep me coming back.

Thus far, I’m 0 for 5 on things I was hoping for; no Fuego, no Wingsuit, no Mike’s, no DWD and sadly now show 51 and hoping for a My Sweet One. Another night, another chance.

One last thing. Let’s see how wrong I can be part 1: show opener: Runaway Jim. See you at set break!


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