Phish at Northerly Island 7/19/14 Day Two Set One: Getting Us Going

Quite a difference a day makes. Where yesterday started on with a slow trend, tonight was funky to upbeat to rocking. Throw in a couple of bona fide ballads and it is hard to come up with a more balanced set.

The funk: Moma Dance opened followed by a very groovy Wolfman’s Brother. Another newbie, Devotion to a Dream was followed by:

The Rock: 46 Days was pretty hot. I still get a kick out of Trey jumping up and down. It won’t go down as legendary 46 Days, but fun. Yarmouth Road created a great start to an incline culminating in one of my favorites, Brian and Robert.

It’s been said that a set of Phish music is like a suite, following it’s own path, but connected. Wingsuit felt like taking flight, like the turn in a symphony, moving the story to the conclusion. Tube and Free brought an even greater sense of rock, of power.

A short respite with Roggae, to get our breath for the last kick. First one of the most poppy songs in the Phish arsenal, Heavy Things, an appetizer. Then the release to all of that tension that was working since Tube: Run Like An Antelope. There might not be a better set finisher than Antelope. Maybe it’s because I finish so many long runs with this song, but the energy is just amazing. The hotter and sweatier the better.

I’m back I. The bleachers, but the path is still open. It is the best of both worlds: go to the floor, get the groove on, come here to write and chill.

How wrong can I be: no Jim, let’s say DWD to open the second set. Got to go!


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