Phish at Northerly Island Night One, Set One: Easy Does It.

Ok. That about sums it up. Not any great high notes, though I’m anxious to hear that Reba again, maybe the Stash, definitely the Coil. I still remember when I heard the live version of Squirming Coil. It was from Halloween 1994, still my favorite version. Ending a set or show with that song is the perfect placement, bonus points for that.

After that though…new school meh mixed with old school meh. Bouncing Around the Room and Sample in a Jar in the same set? Back in the 1.0 era, would have exploded with ire. The new songs? Ok, nothing great. Half Way to the Moon might be something after a while, but 555 and Waiting All Night aren’t going to make a show a must hear.

As far as other things: my seats are ok. I like being up and not terribly far away, but compared to the floor, I’m far away. At least I’m not one of those poor schmucks on the lawn. Also it’s nice to have a place to sit during the slow songs and set break. Now if only a water vendor would come by.


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