Phish at northerly island night one: preview

I’m excited for this tour. OK not a big surprise, I’m excited for every tour. But I’m particularly excited for this one. Ever since Trey said the focus is on new material original material, I’ve been ticking off the days until now. Seeing how I only had one set last year, it only adds to the jones.

Back to the new stuff. I like the new album, Fuego. It’s a decent record, one of the better Phish studio efforts. But like most studio records from Phish, the question is more about what song will be the new jam? The leader out of the gate is Fuego and I hope I get to see it this weekend.

Odds are good for Fuego as is a steady diet of the new songs. Along with the title track, I hope to get a Wingsuit. Of the other new bits, I’ll be happy with most anything, or finding a new sit break song.

As far as older stuff: love a Mike’s, a Jibbo, a Disease. Assorted goodies and surprises are welcome, though I don’t need the gimmicks of last year. No Second City appearance. Oh, and I’d love to get a My Sweet One. Tonight marks 50 shows and I’ve never caught a Sweet One yet.

One last thing: A new thing. I am live blogging from my seat. I’ll bang out a quickie at set break, then get home and do the same. I will probably tweet some too, but not only is that distracting, it’s not enough space. Gotta go they are on!

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