Phish at Northerly Island, 7/18/14, Set Two: Doors. Off.

Wow.  That about sums it up.  If the first set was mellow, slow, low energy, then the second was it’s evil twin.  From the start with Golden Age (a cover in this rare cover year!) until the final ebb of Slave to the Traffic Light, Phish just kept on coming and coming.  When the Mango Song is the other “downshift” song, that pretty much explains how charged this set was.  I’ll leave it to the set list experts on what was and what wasn’t a segue but it sure felt like it went pretty seamless from Sand ->Piper->Halley’s Comet -> Wombat ->Chalk Dust Torture.

I also realize I’m on a bit of a post-show high, but I got a feeling repeated listens are going to be in order for this set as well.  If I had to point you in any direction I would say give a listen to the Piper-> Halley’s -> Wombat segment, especially the Wombat just a great groove.  I would say start with Sand, but I felt that the move into Piper was a bit too ripcordy.  It wasn’t horrible, but I was just really getting into the Sand when it felt like the rug was pulled out from under me.

Two sets into sitting in the strange box seats at Northerly Island and I can say that they are pleasant.  It kind of reminds me of going to some of the theaters in Chicago where the balconies have seats where the floor does not.  A little further away, but a nice place to sit if you are feeling tired.  Of course this set didn’t offer much time for a break.

One last thing: I get the no vending thing, I really do, but is a guy selling bottled water really a threat to the merchants of Chicago?  Saw a couple getting ticketed (I really hope not arrested, that just seems too aggressive) who had three or four cases of Gatorade and water, ready to sell, probably post-show when all of the cotton mouths come out.  I know on my walk back to the parking lot I could have used that ice cold water.  Alas, no such luck.  In the rankings, set 2 night one is your leader in the clubhouse.  See you tomorrow night.

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