On the VB6 Week 10: Sometimes You Need to Cheat

I don’t know how else to say this, except I love gravy.  Beef gravy, turkey gravy, red eye gravy, wavy gravy they are all delicious.  Nothing, however, compares to the creamy rich goodness of sausage gravy.  A restaurant near my church makes a particularly good version and unlike many places I don’t have to pay for eggs I won’t eat and the sausage patties that are quite important to the whole ensemble along with the biscuits are included.  If I really want to do myself in, I order hash browns to finish off any remaining scraps of gravy.  Not exactly the healthy, meat free food that I’ve been trying to eat for breakfast and lunch.


As it happened, this week I was taking my son to Sunday school and just had a craving for biscuits and gravy.  I didn’t even try to fight it.  I have been pretty good these ten (10!) weeks, been feeling pretty good and was actually meat free the day before.  I also didn’t swap one meat meal for a meat free one later in the evening; nope, had pasta with red sauce and meatballs.  It was the most meat I’ve eaten in one day probably since the new year.

If you read VB6, one of the first things Bittman shares is that this isn’t a diet in the traditional sense.  He is very upfront, unlike so many diet authors, that a person will misstep on any particular plan.  It’s one of the aspects of the plan that I like, Bittman’s honesty toward human nature.  Quite frankly, we like to indulge from time to time.  As Bittman says if a you go off plan, try not to stay off for too long and most important, come back.

Which is exactly what I did.  Since that Sunday, I’ve been back to the norm, no meat until dinner time, very few animal products at all really.  I am glad to be back at it.  As much as I enjoyed my carbo/dairy/fat/meat indulgence, my body wasn’t exactly happy with me.  I felt sluggish and bloated pretty much the entire day and even into the next, just blech.

I also don’t feel guilty.  In part because the author of the diet not only says it’s a part of the whole process, but he readily admits he spends days off the plan.  Further, in order to make a plan work, a little cheat can go a long way.  Next time, I think fried chicken will be on the menu.


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