On the VB6 Week 6: Adventures in Tofu!

A Rubicon has been crossed, a die cast.  This past week things went pretty well.  I managed to stay vegetarian every day Monday through Friday (had some bacon Saturday.)  I’ve also stopped drinking soda on a regular basis and I’m trying to only have it when I’m out, not a regular, daily thing.  The biggest change, however, was the purchase, and more importantly the use of tofu.

Can you imagine me with tofu?
Can you imagine me with tofu?

I don’t hate tofu.  I often order it in Asian restaurants.  I often find the beef in Asian food kind of stringy and I don’t particularly like the Asian flavors with beef, like soy sauce, ginger to name a few.  Pork is pretty good in Asian dishes but I like the lightness tofu (or chicken, which really isn’t that much more flavorful) brings to Asian cuisine.  I also like tofu as an alternative to eggs.  I hate eggs.

I think I bought tofu once.  I just left it in the fridge and never touched it.  There is something gross about a block of bean paste submerged in water, just waiting to be sliced like mushy cheese.  This time though, I committed to using it.  The first use was adding some protein to my traditional lentil soup.  It’s true that tofu takes on the flavor of what it is accompanied with, and my soup did the job.  It was almost like adding extra noodles, so not all bad.

I outdid myself when making tacos.  Usually, I make beef and black beans for me and the kids.  They eat combo tacos and I have one beef and two bean.  Unfortunately no beans this time.  So I saved a little of the taco seasoning, added a little bit of this and that and sautéed the tofu with it.  Overall it was pretty good, but I could have used a little more crunch.  I can’t believe it, but there is a another brick of tofu waiting for me and I’m not even freaked out.  Well, maybe a little.

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