On the VB6: Well, I Didn’t See That Coming

I was pretty sure it was going to happen this way, but I haven’t quite been a vegan until 6:00 PM, more like vegetarian.  The only day that I ate meat proper before 6 in this past week, as far as I can tell (note: a food diary is needed, also proven to be beneficial to weight loss) was Christmas day when bacon and sausage were presented after the gift giving .  That is pretty good if I do say so myself.

I am most amazed by the fact that on the return trip to Chicago after Christmas, I didn’t break down and have a fast food lunch.  That was definitely helped by the fact that many of the choices along the way aren’t exactly my favorite, though I loves me some BK chicken sandwiches.  Even so, I pretty much made it home with snacks, relatively healthy no less, and even had a meat free dinner that night, IIRC (again, food diary!)

I’ve had a couple of surprises along the way this week too (week two, ha!)  I don’t know how long it will last, but finding new and inventive ways to cook hasn’t been so much a chore as kind of fun.  I’m sure when I’m prepping a lunch for work, getting the kids fed and making a dinner for everybody, it won’t be nearly as fun, bit when it was just for me it was fun.  After I melted the container from Whole Foods around my curried tofu, I needed something to do with the rice I just finished cooking.  While prepared on the stovetop probably would have been better, a quick microwaved chick pea stir fry went beyond fuel to downright tasty.  A little ginger and since I’ll actually be planning to make a Thai-inspired dish, a dash of saffron to the rice will be a nice addition.

The second surprise has been the feeling that I’m doing something positive, not just for me and my health, but on issues that I care about.  If you read the first installment of this little venture, then you saw some of the broad implications that the current US diet is having on our health, our economy (especially farming) and the overall environment.  The best way to sum it up is I feel better eating no meat and less animal products than I do by taking out the recycling or printing one less piece of paper.  Like the other surprise, I’m sure how long it will last.  Sitting at work, dying for a Five Guys or Epic Burger, I’m sure the thought of “screw the farmer” will cross my mind.  Will I act on it? At some point I’m sure I will, honestly.  I do hope, however, it won’t be emotional eating, which I have a habit of doing.  I hope I give in, simply because I want some grease running down my chin and nothing more.  Now, where did I put that apple cutter?


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