Kaufmak v. the Treadmill

So far the training for the spring marathon isn’t exactly going as planned. I still haven’t had what one would call a long run, have spent almost all of my time on the treadmill and haven’t exactly been in a good running groove. I’m pretty sure I can get into it, get my legs under me so to say, but I didn’t imagine it would be this tricky.

Case in point: My work out from a couple of days ago. I was on the treadmill, yet again, and I just couldn’t hold the pace. Part of it, as crazy as it may sound, is that I was on a fast treadmill. I know they all say the same things on the display, incline, miles per hour and all the other bells and whistles, but hear me out. All treadmills are not the same. Some have more severe inclines, in other words, 2% on treadmill A feels substantially harder than 2% incline on treadmill B. Same goes for pace, a 12 minute mile on one treadmill feels faster than another.

I definitely was working harder, out of breath even. I had to slow down to a walk after the incline had gone up to 9 for a minute. I mean I was gassed. It was a struggle to just hit my mileage for the day. It’s weird; I know that every day isn’t great when one is training, that there will be setbacks and difficulties. I just wasn’t expecting it and it took me by surprise. Oddly, there was almost a nostalgic feeling about finishing a run and just feeling like crap. A feeling of “oh, right! This happens too! I almost forgot about this.” As weird as it may sound, I kind of missed that feeling, as if I finally was working hard again.

It also served as a reminder that there is a lot more to it than just running and building up the miles. I haven’t been getting enough rest. I haven’t been eating as well as I should. I haven’t quite made that long run on the weekends the priority that it needs to be. It is a reminder that this isn’t just signing up and going for a run. A marathon is a commitment that takes more than willingness and determination. It requires significant change. Nothing like a bad run to force the issue.

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