Where Ya Been?

Yeah so I haven’t blogged in about a month, a little less. Part of it was being busy, part of it was being uninspired to write about anything in particular, but overall it was a feeling of… finality. The blog has always functioned as an outlet for ideas I had about current events, mostly sports, while finishing my dissertation. The dissertation completely wrapped in August and other than writing up a few Phish shows I just felt finished, nothing left to say. That isn’t true of course I’ve got plenty to say about all kinds of stuff, but after getting the final stamp of approval regarding the dissertation and the overall degree, I’ve just been sort of coasting along. And why not? Even though it took a lot longer than I had envisioned, I still worked pretty hard to get here and I’ve been enjoying the mountain top quite frankly. For the first time in a really long time, I have been enjoying television from an absolutely guilt-free perspective; no thoughts about what I should be doing, what I could be doing while I was perched on my ass watching yet another crime procedural or sit-com. Nope, I’ve watched plenty of good and bad TV with a completely clear conscience. Since the dissertation wrapped I’ve had a few urges to write here and there, but overall it has been really easy to resist, or better said, really easy just to ignore and go on watching.

The other thing about blogging that I kind of lost sight of really, was that this shouldn’t be a chore. Writing the recaps of the White Sox this season just became painful. Even when they were in contention they just weren’t that fun to watch, let alone write about. On top of that, the other on-going things that I had started were losing steam and felt a little too much like working on the dissertation. The great thing about the blog is that it is fun it is not a job or requirement. There is no penalty for not completing a series that I started, but it was feeling that way. Self-imposed deadlines for a blog that a dozen or so people read take the joy out of the whole process. (Though a couple of days ago, the blog got over 1500 hits! WTF)

Nothing last forever, however and a few things have crossed my mind lately that I want to get down before I forget or get too comfortable on the couch. I don’t feel like I need to comment on the end of the White Sox season and everything else, but I actually want to. My rekindled interest in soccer is also something that I want to get into and the “New 52” from DC Comics. Along the way a few other things seem to be popping up in my head and writing seems like it could just be fun again. We’ll see.


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