White Sox Recap. As excited about a sub-.500 team as I can be.

I’m excited. No really, I am. It’s just that after a 6-1 road trip, including a sweep of the Twins and a pretty thorough shellacking of the genius that is Buck Sholwalter, the White Sox are still one game under .500, coming back home where they have played just crappy baseball. “But,” you say, “they are now only 4 games out of first place, in a bad division. It can happen.” Yes, technically, it can, but to what end. The Red Sox and Yankees series pretty much demonstrated what will happen in the playoffs. If, If, IF the White Sox made it to the post-season, they would be lucky to score a run, let alone steal a game, let alone the opening series. “Ah” you say, “but the White Sox played well on the East Coast this year, sweeping Boston in Fenway and splitting four with the Yankees in the Bronx.” True enough, but those series, especially the Yankees, were a long time ago. Both eastern teams have shifted into post-season mode, making their own runs for their division and that is the difference between a realistic post-season team and a pretender. “Well, as Billy Beane said, ‘my shit don’t work in the playoffs.’ In a short series, with the White Sox pitching, anything can happen.” Yes, anything can happen, I don’t doubt that obvious truism. Man you’re really starting to annoy me. Anyway, the White Sox pitching has been good, but not great and come October, how much gas will be in the tank? Buehrle, as much as I love the guy, tends to tire toward the end; Peavy is a mixed bag at best; and Danks is good, but when he pitched against the Yankees, it was just painful to watch. Also, as much as people like to say pitching and defense win championships, scoring more runs than the other guy usually has more to do with it than good pitching and defense. The Sox are feeble against good pitching and with Konerko hobbling around like Kirk Gibson and the best alternative at first base is Brent Lillibridge, well, you’re just not going to win that many games. That situation, by the way, makes me hate Adam Dunn even more. I mean, jesus dude, BRENT LILLIBRIDGE is drinking your milkshake!! So just to be clear regarding Dunn, he is being outhit, out fielded and of course, outrun by Lilly. It’s amazing the guy can even look in a mirror.

So, the most I can muster is guarded optimism at this point. The White Sox have played very poorly at home and very poorly against Kansas City, who come to town for the weekend. Bruce Almighty Chen is going tonight, and the Sox haven’t figured him out in about two years. After that, there is a TBA on the schedule, which pretty much means the Sox will have no film on the guy and it will take until the fifth inning or so for them to collect their first hit. And yet, I’ll be watching, hoping, maybe even a little praying, but if they flop against the Royals, at home, I’m done. No, really.


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