White Sox. The Torture Never Stops

Here it is, the historic midpoint of the season. Sorry I haven’t been around much, but those of you who know me, know that I’ve been a bit busy with the dissertation and all that. Normally, the dissertation and such would merit a blog all its own, but I’m pretty much done with that right now. I just don’t want to think about it anymore, at least for a little while. We’ll see what happens, right now I’m done and that’s good enough.

Back to the White Sox. Of course the question is, why? It has been a pretty brutal season thus far. Admittedly, missing the last few stands hasn’t exactly made me feel that guilty. There have been a few exciting parts, a few moments that it felt like the season might be turning around, but then they come back home to wrap up the first half with a 2-5 home stand against the two teams that sit behind the Sox in the standings. It doesn’t help that three of the losses were to the Twins. In a year that the Twins have been playing just horribly, the White Sox still can’t beat them with a crowbar. The losses to the Royals suck too, but the Twins just stick in the craw like a bad bone. I hate to think that a group of professional athletes are as psyched out by an opposing team, but it’s really hard to keep believing that as the Twins just have dominated this series for the last few years. It really has been unbearable to watch.

That is kind of the way the whole season has been, really, just painful. Sitting and watching these games, the minute the Sox go down by two runs, it feels over. If they go down by more than that, it pretty much is over. The pitching has been consistent and overall pretty solid, but when the offense can’t muster more than three runs a game, it’s really hard to watch. Even more, the pitching performances that have consistently beaten the White Sox this year haven’t exactly been games for the ages, even Liriano’s no-hitter. Some have argued that it was one of the least impressive no-hitters in history. The White Sox hitters, with Paul Konerko being the one season long exception, have been just plain bad, and not “fun bad,” but more of a, “seriously, this sucks” kind of bad.

As the second half approaches, the White Sox pretty much have the rest of July against the AL Central. So far they have take two of seven. If that kind of performance continues, then it’s pretty much over, if it isn’t already. I hope that Kenny makes some moves if all hope is lost and start looking toward next year. Honestly, if the White Sox aren’t in second place, at the very least, then Jerry Reinsdorf should step in and say, like he did in 1997, “anybody who thinks this team can catch Cleveland is nuts.” Swap Detroit in there if you must, but if it’s August 1 and the Sox are still hovering around .500 and 4-6 games back, I’d rather they just bail and move on to next year.


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