White Sox Recap: A decent road trip.

Well that ended nicely. The White Sox just got back from a ten game road trip and as luck would have it, they managed to come back 5-5, thanks to a three game sweep in Boston. Yes, the White Sox are still 27-31, still well behind the Cleveland Indians in the division standings and there are still some major problems with this team, but that sweep in particular put a jolt into the season.

Of course, it could all go pear shaped with the up coming home stand, where the White Sox have not played well. And memory is a tricky thing: I think the Boston series is a confidence booster, but just earlier in the week the Sox looked terrible in Toronto winning only one of four and the manager went completely bonkers. Well not completely bonkers, but I found his comments a bit over the line even for Ozzie. While I didn’t take the comments about the fans as an all out attack, but the martyrdom of Ozzie, as told by Ozzie is a bit much. Honestly Oz, if you want love and adoration for every win you get, you’re in the wrong business. All things considered you’ve got it pretty good and the fans will love you if, you know, start winning in April and May.

The road trip started out pretty well too, getting a split in the first two with Texas and coming close in the final game of the set. Gavin Floyd pitched extremely well in that game and it’s a shame that he only gave up three hits, but two runs and that was enough for the loss. CJ Wilson pitched well for Texas, limiting the Sox to one run.

That kind of performance is what keeps me from feeling like the Sox can turn this around. They’ve been shut out, no-hit and held to just one run multiple times. That kind of offense isn’t going to get a team to the playoffs, let alone win. Most of that blame falls on two players, Alex Rios and Adam Dunn. There isn’t much that can be done about Dunn, he’s this year’s big signing and there isn’t much of a replacement and he’s making such a large salary he isn’t going to sit. Alex Rios is also a big chunk of money, but an almost viable replacement is available, at least in the short term. Brent Lillibridge is having a wonderful year in limited playing time. I don’t necessarily think Lilly Longball is the ultimate solution, but there is something to be said for sticking with a hot hand. However, if Dunn and Rios don’t starting hitting, this team, good pitching or no, isn’t going anywhere.


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