A Quick Barefoot Running Blog

Went for a barefoot run today and felt pretty good. I’m not an avid bare-footer, but I do gain some benefit from a barefoot run from time to time. It’s kind of like a biomechanical reset for my legs, especially from the knee down. Honestly though, the whole barefoot craze seems to be like a fad diet. I’m always skeptical of sweeping statements professing that this is “THE WAY.” Barefoot advocates strike me this way; claiming that shoes actually cause injuries that barefoot running is natural and therefore healthier, never mind the fact that to this point very little research has been done up to this point. I have a hard time believing that studies into the difference between bare feet and shod runners is going to be definitive. Like most things when it comes to the human body, it will be a little different for everyone, which is where my body falls with the whole idea. I run barefoot about once every ten days or so, especially when a knee or something is bugging me. Honestly it’s probably psychosomatic as far as the benefits go, but if it works, why the hell not? Anyway I don’t have a desire to run barefoot all the time and I from the limited amount that I currently do some problems may be exacerbated, especially sore feet and toes. When I run barefoot I curl my toes in a weird way and if I did that every time I ran I’m pretty sure that wouldn’t be good. Besides that, running in a big city like Chicago there are hazards to the road that bare feet, or even those minimal shoes, would be a danger. I haven’t seen anything like needles on a run, but broken glass, cans and nails are pretty common. I’ve even had a tack in my shoe after a run. I don’t think that would be a good experience with a bare foot. Also I’ve been videotaped running in shoes and barefoot and my stride and foot strike are practically the same in both cases. Finally, I like shoes and when I wear them the only thing I really need to be on the lookout for is poo. I run a bit too tentatively when barefoot, so I stick to a track nearby and even then I feel like I’m running nervous and that can’t be good. No, like any zealous movement I prefer to keep them at arms length and stick with what has worked for me in the past and let the true believers have their day.


2 thoughts on “A Quick Barefoot Running Blog”

  1. I’ve considered buying some of the Vibram running shoes/socks to give barefoot running a shot, but I’m just so dang comfortable in my shoes (plus those vibrams aren’t cheap).

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