White Sox Recap: Is it a heartbeat or the Wow Bao?

I got so caught up in the moment I completely missed the last road trip. That’s a shame because it was a rare west coast trip where the White Sox didn’t lay a huge egg. Instead they came back 6-3 from the trip, winning every series on the swing, beating Seattle, LA and Oakland (Oakland!) They looked good in pretty much every game too, even looking decent against King Felix. Otherwise, everybody showed up; starting pitching, bullpen, and the offense showed some life. It was actually fun to watch the White Sox for a change.

Since I’m playing catch up and I pretty much do all this from memory, that’s all I have to say about the road trip. The home stand kept the good times rolling. Of course, I managed to see the first game back and the loss to the Rangers. Overall it wasn’t a bad night though. My baseball spouse and I decided upon an upgrade for the game. It’s been a long time since we hit the lower level and it really does make a difference. We didn’t sit in any particular seat, it was more of a wander around kind of night. A pretty good game for it too, Edwin Jackson didn’t look all that sharp and the Sox didn’t get their first hit until the 5th inning, ultimately losing 4-0. We did manage to eat some Wow Bao, so pretty good night. The White Sox bounced back to take the next game from the Rangers in dramatic fashion. Trailing by three in the bottom of the fifth, the unlikely hero, Brent Morel hit a 3-run homer to tie the game and the Sox scratched a run across in the bottom of the eighth to take the game. It was a nice warm up to the big series against the Indians.

Both games were awesome but very, very different. Unfortunately, both games also felt a little like fool’s gold. The first game was the Peavy game. He threw a complete game and only gave up three hits and no runs (the Sox only managed one run of their own.) It was one of the best pitching performances I’ve seen in a long time. He was just dominant and it was the kind of performance we had hoped for since he signed on with the White Sox. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked out that way, but it was a blast for a night. The second game was the other side of the hopeful equation. The offense came to life and just pounded Carmona. They managed eight runs and even Adam Dunn got in on the act with two RBI of his own. This was the kind of game we thought we were going to get on a regular basis this year; decent pitching, lots of offense and a fun team to watch. Again, not what’s happened thus far, especially regarding Adam Dunn. He is quickly becoming one of the biggest free agent busts of White Sox history, maybe all of baseball. Through this home stand he was hitting .194, with a .322 OBP and 4 home runs. To put it another way, Brent Lillibridge has 4 home runs too. This isn’t what we expected, to say the least. Even so, a sweep of the division leader definitely has a way of making the wind billow the sails, as does the coming of interleague play.

To finish the home stand the Dodgers came a calling and with it more positive vibes. I mean if you’re a White Sox fan, you got to love interleague, at least from a wins and losses stand point. Since the beginning of interleague, the White Sox have the second best record in the gimmick games and last year they went 15-3 versus the Senior Circuit. Not only that, Paul Konerko is a machine against the NL as is Mark Buehrle, who was going in the second game. I just love Buehrle, and I know he isn’t the best, or the flashiest or with the best stuff, but he’s just as steady as a metronome. Unfortunately, young Phil Humber was let down by the bullpen in the opener, but he has been a nice surprise so far this year.

As luck would have it, I got to go to the final game of the series. We got to see the good Edwin Jackson and the explosive offense, especially the wispy one, Alexei Ramirez and his five RBI. Speaking of wispy ones, Chris Sale is having a bit of trouble maybe he and Adam Dunn can go on a slump-busting mission together. Anyway, we had so much fun on the lower deck earlier in the week the baseball spouse sprung for another upgrade, how awesome is that? Good guy that baseball spouse. I am happy and grateful to be a kept Kaufmak, especially when it means I get better seats and better food at the old ballpark.


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