White Sox. Yes, It Can Get Worse.

I’m tempted to say it was so awful that I couldn’t look away, but it really wasn’t. It was actually pretty easy to look away from the White Sox this past home stand. For the first time in a very long time (not counting games with kids who have had their fill of ice cream and hot dogs) I left a game early. I didn’t see the sense of staying in the 40 degree cold to watch a really poor performance as the Sox ultimately fell 10-4 to the Orioles. We actually got to see a generous outpouring of runs from the Sox all things considered as they averaged 3 runs a game during this 6 game stand. They did manage to surge to a 6-2 run in the finale against the Orioles and Adam Dunn, the prize free-agent of the off-season, upped his home run total to equal that of Brent “Lilly Longball” Lillibridge. Yes Sox fans, Adam Dunn and Brent Lillibridge both have 3 home runs. As a matter of fact, I’ve witnessed two of the Lilly’s shots, zero of Dunn’s. Honestly I think Lillibridge deserves an extended start over Juan Pierre. Juan has just been brutal with the bat, the glove and his feet. Not only has he been caught stealing over half of the time, he’s been picked off three times. I would say Lillibridge couldn’t do any worse, but after watching the two games versus the Twins, using such phrases as “couldn’t/can’t get any worse” is a very dangerous thing to say about this team. It’s almost as if they want to prove, that yes, it can indeed get worse.

The Francisco Liriano no-hitter may very well be the nadir of the season, but it’s early yet. The White Sox may be capable of epic badness for all I know that may make this loss just the beginning. I truly hope not, but Edwin Jackson pitched very well and the White Sox couldn’t even scratch out a hit, let alone a run. It was frustrating up until the final at bat. Dunn was at bat, man on, against the Twins the biggest rival of recent years, a moment in the making. Some commentators felt the need to say that Dunn at least hit the ball hard, but that really wasn’t what the moment called for, it called for a home run, from a home run hitter. Alas, no; as Chris Rongey tweeted after the game, “at some point someone has to get the big hit.” Sadly, that isn’t particularly true. One, it gets into the whole clutch issue, and let’s not get into that. Two, that’s kind of what makes bad seasons, the breaks, the luck not going your team’s way. I really felt the last game of the stand was a key game for the season. They really needed to show some sign of life, that the no-hitter wasn’t the end of them. They needed to show up and play well and maybe show a different attitude and approach at the plate. Show SOMETHING that demonstrated they were still in the season. John Danks did his part, as he has all season. Unfortunately, the hitters didn’t show up nor did the defense, particularly Juan Pierre, who had another error in left field, bringing his season total to 5. Oh, and he got picked off again. I feel bad for Juan. He seems like a good guy, practices hard, says hi to the kids and all that, but man has he been awful this year. Anyway, it all came together in yet another boring loss. Well, at least they’re heading out west, because they always do great out there. Oh, wait no they don’t, even in the best of years they always suck when they head out west. To make matters even better, King Felix in the first game of the trip. Yes, it can actually get worse.


2 thoughts on “White Sox. Yes, It Can Get Worse.”

  1. Kevin my old friend, I’m afraid we are in for a very long season…

    For the first time in a while, the team up north might actually have a better shot at getting somewhere. (by the looks of them that is saying much)

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