Shut the F*CK Up!

We interrupt this blog for a bit of venting. I will resume my look at White Sox fashion later this week, but I’ve got to let off some steam and if I can’t do that on a fairly anonymous blog, where can I?

Anyway I work in an academic environment and have become quite adroit at ignoring the complaints of academicians regarding their hard lives. Most people would gladly take their job and lifestyle and in the case of graduate students, most of them would crawl naked over broken glass to get a tenure track position so they too could bitch about the hard academic life. Usually I just nod my head sympathetically and think, “tool.”

There is one person, however, that I truly want to punch. He comes by our offices about once a week and invariably when asked by our administrative assistant, “How are you doing?” he responds by saying something like, “Terrible, could not be any worse.” That is actually verbatim from last week. First, just to say that is asinine, but usually I wouldn’t care. What makes it especially annoying is the fact that our administrative assistant has cancer and it is fairly common knowledge around the school. If he somehow has missed that bit of information, the walker she needs to get around is kept in plain sight, a pretty obvious tip that something is amiss. Finally, as the weeks have gone by, it is pretty clear to any cognizant human being, that she is dealing with some health issue. (Point of Clarification: For someone who has just finished radiation treatment and is into her second week of chemo, she looks great.) So I would really like to tell this guy the next time he says how awful his life is to “Shut the FUCK up, asshole!!!”

Thank you, I feel much better now.

One thought on “Shut the F*CK Up!”

  1. Nicely said, sir. I feel you 100% on the venting. And tell said administrative assistant whom I know but will keep anonymous thoughts are with her in her treatment and recovery.

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