The Definition of Playing Out the String.

I think like many White Sox fans that once the Twins swept in and out of Chicago a couple of weeks ago, the season was unofficially over. I’ll admit I’ve peeked in on the games since then, but I’ve got other things to do. It’s nice and all that they won their last road trip of the season, especially a couple of wins in Oakland, but since the Twins left, no meaningful baseball has been played by the White Sox and won’t be until April 2011. The Red Sox have a winning record, but much like the White Sox, they have been out of it for weeks now. I kind of feel good that I figured the White Sox to be a .500 team and with a little luck/little push they could get to 86-88 wins, which has been right around what it has taken in years past (see 2008) to win the AL Central. Of course the Twins have blown that number away and are which I find completely incredible considering the loss of Nathan and Morneau this season, competing for home field advantage throughout the AL playoffs. That is just some crazy shit. Seriously, take Rivera and Jeter? Teixeira? Cano? Who is the equivalent to Morneau for the Yanks? Anyway, take those two key pieces away from the Yankees and what would the expectation be? Boston has been lamenting all year about injuries, yet the Twins keep rolling along. Not to repeat myself, but Christ when they get swept out of the playoffs again I’m going to add another level to my bitterness and animosity toward them.

Of course, this being the White Sox, drama is never too far away. Ozzie bitching and moaning about his contract was kind of annoying, but really the guy has done a good to really good job in his years as manager, so an extension would not be the worst decision made by the Sox. The worst decision made by the Sox is the Teahen extension and I won’t change my mind until proven otherwise. I hope to be at two games this weekend, one with AJD and one with the boy. My guess is it will be sparsely populated, but I’ll enjoy it just the same. Even if it’s meaningless, it’s still baseball right?


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