White Sox Recap: Shitty Good Trips and Why I Hate the Twins.

Sheesh, a 7-3 road trip should be considered a success. Instead, it is only more disappointment. Yes, I’m well aware how late in coming this is, as well but I’m losing steam and been a little busy with other stuff (of course so much that I want to post here!) Anyway, a sweep of the Indians was needed and expected. What I didn’t quite expect was the booing of Manny Ramirez. Like so many former Indians, Manny left for greener pastures after putting in a number of very productive years in Cleveland, including two awesome seasons as part of their drive to two World Series. Though it didn’t match the level of spite that Jim Thome received, nothing compares to Lebron and Art Modell, I still found it quite silly. The guy was awesome for you, was offered a huge raise, and surprise! he took the money. Why is it that fans, who would crawl naked through glass for a comparable raise, bring in bullshit like loyalty. I would leave my current job in a heartbeat. So the booing of Manny, yet the standing ovation for Omar Vizquel, is just baffling. Same goes for Boston as well and their treatment of Manny. His numbers were similar in 2007 as the 100 games that he played for Boston, yet in 2007 there was no talk of Manny quitting on the team. In 2008, he was a scapegoat, especially trumped up by the media and gobbled up by the fans. Yep, the guy is a weirdo, but a guy who had a .398 OBP and an OPS of .926 may do a lot of things, but quit isn’t one of them.

The Red Sox sweep was nice, but they are a shell of a team right now, so meh, especially because the Twins were continuing to roll. Then came the 4 games in Detroit, and the three losses of the trip. Of course the Twins pretty much sealed the deal at that point. They only had a three game series and the White Sox did pull up a half game, and then lost three in a row as the Twins swept their series and now the Sox are 6 back, enough to make the three game series against the White Sox meaningless.

And this is why I can’t stand the Twins. They play like gangbusters throughout the season, beat all comers, especially the White Sox. If the White Sox go 7-3, they go 9-1. Yes the schedule sometimes helps, but in the end it all balances out and ultimately they balance out. Truthfully, I love the way the Twins play, the way they don’t beat themselves, the good defense, everything. Of course until the playoffs, and this is where my frustration comes in. I’m going to go out on a limb here, they will get trashed by the Yankees. All that pluck, all of that fundamentally sound baseball will turn to shit. The Twins will show up to the playoffs and barely put up a fight, and it won’t be the first time. Since the Twins have been the dominate team of the AL Central Division they have only made it to the ALCS once and in the other four times since 2002 they have won two games, being swept twice. It’s one thing to lose to the eventual champion, or to a team that plays a memorable postseason, but the Twins bellyflop. Where is that team that couldn’t lose throughout August and September? Where is that team that went 20-10, or close to it when the White Sox went 25-5 in the same stretch, barely losing any ground? They go into hibernation and wait until next year to torment White Sox fans.


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