Closing Time, part one.

I’m finally getting around to closing my Myspace account and I remembered, “I had a blog here!” I feel like I’m reissuing my back catalog as opposed to actually recording any new material. Either way, here are some tidbits from 2006.

Crappy writing…
Current mood: busy
Is still writing, by god! just spent my morning shift slogging through temperance historiography, and let me tell you it is pretty bad stuff. But to use a trite aphorism, “I can fix a crappy page, but I can’t fix a blank page”; and as the ultimate goal “a good dissertation is a finished dissertation.” To be completely honest, just getting thoughts on to paper is always a great feeling, no matter how ill-formed they are. “Keep Moving!” cried Lt. Winters…
11:28 AM
Thursday, October 05, 2006

What is going on…
Current mood: anxious
Category: School, College, Greek
truth to tell, a lot is going on, really. Parenting is exciting, maybe I’ll post about that another time. What is on my mind, and what I imagine this blog will mostly be about, is work. I’m currently getting my Phd at Loyola University-Chicago. I’m in the final stages, working on the disseration. The best way to describe what is going on is to compare my experience with a scene from Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan. In both scenes, soldiers are huddled behind protection of some sort, and their commander is telling them to keep moving. If they don’t move, the soldiers will die, but they are safe at the moment, so moving seems like a bad idea. I feel like those soldiers, scared to death to make a move, yet if I don’t “keep moving” eventually, I’ll never get moving and I’ll never finish. That is more frightening that submitting my proposal (again) and getting it rejected (again). All I can do is keep moving…

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