White Sox Recap: Seriously, Just Play Baseball

The discussion about the lost weekend in Kansas City seems to have centered on the decision to call the first game and play a make up double header the next night, a true twi-night double header. There is a little buzz around that Joe West is conspiring against the White Sox and called the game in order to screw up the Sox pitching rotation for the rest of the weekend. Of course if they would have played the game in the monsoon and someone got injured, Joe West would have been blamed for NOT calling the game, conspiring against the White Sox, and on and on. Quite frankly, I don’t believe Joe West cares that much, but the angry beast of the 24 hour news cycle must be fed and conspiracy always is good for a lark.

Of course that pales in comparison to the recent Twitter/Sun-Times/Tribune dust up that has come out after this weekend in Kansas City. Seems Ozzie’s son Oney is all pissy that Kenny Williams didn’t talk to his pops in person about the needs of the team going into the double header. KW sent a text asking if they needed bullpen help. KW said Ozzie got back to him, saying in effect, “we’re good.” Don’t know if this came before or after Ozzie blew his top about the current situation of his team. Why Oney is involved in all of this and why the Chicago media gives a shit, I have now clue. I followed Oney on Twitter for a spell, but he’s a vitriolic blowhard, who really offers little insight into the Guillen family or the White Sox. The conversation between him and Ozzie should go something like this:

Oney: Hey Dad

Ozzie: Hey Son, do me a favor.

Oney: Sure, Pops, man who has provided me with everything and required almost nothing from me in return, what can I do for you?

Ozzie: Shut The Fuck Up.

And there you have it. What seems to be lost in all of this is that the Sox have lost yet another series to a team they REALLY need to be beating up on. I don’t care who is texting, tweeting or not, the team is lucky to only be 3.5 back and no matter how they are communicating, Kenny and Ozzie need to figure it out soon.


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