White Sox Recap: At Least Let Me Sit Down!!

Another series against the Twins, this time with the Sox three games back and in need of a win in the series, this time on the road. It was another opportunity for the Sox to show that they are for real in this race and another day filled with anticipation and excitement for me waiting for the game to start. And while it wasn’t a complete belly flop, it was pretty damn close, not just because the White Sox lost two of three, but more the way that they did it and the way I got to watch it unfold. Before I could even get into the first two games, I flipped the TV on and the Sox were already down. In the first game John Danks gave up four in the first and in the second game Floyd was down two at the end of one. The Floyd game was frustrating, to say the least, but it was the first game that was soul crushing. First, the White Sox actually battled back and tied the game in the ninth and took the lead in the tenth, all they had to do was hold on and they win a game that puts them two back in the standings. Instead for some unfathomable reason, Ozzie leaves Matt Thorton in to face Jim Thome. Thorton had absolutely nothing left and Thome is well, Thome, a pretty simple equation. After a mighty swing and a miss and Steve Stone detailing the pinch hitters the Twins had left, Thorton delivered a meatball that TATER JIM crushed into right field for a two run homer. He ran the bases, pumping his fist and celebrated at the plate, without injuring himself no less. All I could think of was that the Sox had a chance to sign Thome for nothing, $1.5 million. Instead, as the story goes, at Ozzie’s urging the Sox passed because they wanted more flexibility in the lineup. I think winning should trump flexibility. Also, how many good DHs are flexible? Part of building a successful team is getting the best person you can afford for each position. The combination of Andruw Jones and Mark Kotsay, even if they can play a little bit in the field were not the best options for the DH role. Also, the bogus claim of Thome clogging the bases is just silly. It isn’t the runners fault if they get left on base and not making outs is a very good thing. Anyway watching that monster homerun just reminded me of how woeful the DH position has been for the White Sox this year.

The final game of the set was fun, kind of like eating doughnuts, tasty, sweet and ultimately unfulfilling. It pulled the Sox to within four games, but a week ago they were tied for first. To celebrate that they didn’t get swept seems sad, kind of like the guy who got his ass kicked but manages to land a cheap shot to the other guy’s balls, not exactly a shining moment. Next, KC, but in KC and that isn’t always the easiest place for the White Sox and to make matters worse, much, much worse Frank Thomas joins Hawk for all three games. Thank God for the mute button, but if the Sox lose Frank and Hawk don’t say much anyway.


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