White Sox Recap: Well, That Sucked.

the biggest series of the season thus far and the Sox blow it, not a lot of fun at the old ball park. I wish I could have gone to at least one of the games, but life, car repairs and spending money this weekend come up to catching what I can. I think the worst of it was the first game, however. I was STOKED for the entire day, looking forward to the game, the White Sox making a statement that they were for real in the division race. Um, not so much. Freddy Garcia looked horrible, lasting three innings and that may have been too long. I think one of the radio guys made a great statement that when Freddy pitches against good hitting teams, and the Twins certainly are, he gets lit up. The most poetic of the runs given up was the home run by Thome. After that, it was pretty much over. Yes, the Sox came back to 5-3, but even then it didn’t feel like there was much of chance. As it turns out, that was as close at it got as the Twins added 7 more runs to finish the rout.

I missed the second game, the lone bright spot, provided by Mr. Solid, John Danks. I was busy searching for houses, a blog entry about that experience should be coming soon, but glad to see the offense come to life, at least for a game. Game three felt way too much like the first game, except possibly more frustrating. Seriously, Liriano did not have his best stuff, the Sox loaded the bases three times, once with no outs, and didn’t score once in any of those opportunities. It is maddening too in that, it always seems like the Twins get the big hit, ala Kubel’s three run homer to put the game out of reach. I must admit, I turned the radio off at that point and watched Top Chef with my wife. That seemed better than listening to the Sox go down in weak fashion for the last three at bats. And so, like so many times in the recent past, the Twins come to town and smack the White Sox around and, joy! they get to go to Minnesota later this week. To quote Modest Mouse, the good times are killing me.


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