White Sox Recap: Coming Home Tied.

Well, you win some and you lose some and it’s better to beat your division rival and lose to a team that you only see twice a year, well that’s the better poison. The White Sox played well in Detroit and stunk it up in Baltimore, finishing the trip 4-4. OK, not the trip we wanted to be sure, but the White Sox had to cool off a little bit so I’m not into a panic yet. I’m really happy that Buehrle got his tenth win for the tenth straight year. He’ll never be considered a pitcher with great stuff, except his pick off move, but he eats innings, induces a lot of ground balls and works really fast, for example the Sox won 12-2 in the first game in Detroit and it registered in at 2:25, a major blowout and still under 3 hours. The night cap of the double header went the Tigers way, 7-1. I listened to most of this game on the radio and the White Sox radio guys are definitely cheerleaders, but not quite the homer that Hawk is, for sure. It was still surprising to hear Ed Farmer RIP Carlos Torres, my favorite, “the best way to get guys out, and Torres isn’t doing it.” He continued as well, just saying his location was no good and pretty much hinting at the fact that Torres will never make it as a major leaguer. Like I said, surprising coming from Farmer who tends to trumpet the kids from triple A.

Edwin Jackson made a great start for the Sox, not bad for the consolation prize. Seriously, is this guy bucking the trend of pitchers doing better in the NL v. the AL? It would nice, but as far as a replacement for Peavy, it works for now, and I think we can say good-bye to Freddy if Peavy comes back healthy. Speaking of which, the magic of Freddy may be gone. He pitched ok in Detroit, only to have Jenks blow the save, but the more the Sox rely on Garcia for innings the tighter the race is going to get. They did manage to win in eleven innings and head off to Baltimore.

Baltimore and Buck Showalter seem to treat the White Sox pretty shitty. Buck and Ozzie just don’t like each other and seeing the highlights of their gamesmanship was kind of fun. Honestly, I think Ozzie just likes to bug Showalter and it’s hilarious that after all these years, he still succeeds. The Danks and Floyd duo continues to pitch well, even though Danks didn’t get the win. The rest of the weekend was spent in New York, so I didn’t watch and I’m lucky. They lost the last two in sleepy fashion, no bats, decent pitching though, so another reason not to panic. Of course the crappy weekend brings the Twins into a tie and who comes a calling? The Twins of course. I must admit, I’m pumped for this series. I wish I could get to the games, but alas the car went boom so an extra game or two ain’t happening. Let’s go Sox, it’s go time!


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