White Sox Recap: There’s No Place Like home and the Great Brisket Moratorium.

Funny, writing the same thing about the White Sox when they are winning is so much more fun than writing the same thing about them when they’re losing. Another successful home stand only dropping one in seven games. A four game sweep of the Mariners was nice, but kind of like eating fast food, tasty but empty. The point being that Seattle proceeded to Minnesota and got swept there as well, thanks guys. AJD made an excellent observation about our attendance. Basically we both like to see good pitching and whenever we’re excited about seeing the opposing pitcher that pitcher invariably will get shelled. This time is was Felix Hernandez, who a week earlier owned the Sox in Seattle. Hard to believe that the gold standard for AJD and I is still the Floyd v. Duke game of a year ago. What was nice was to see Ichiro being Ichiro. He slapped a couple of hits, only the way he can, made a spectacular catch to rob Mark Kotsay of a homerun and on the same play almost double up Quentin at first with a great throw back into first. That really is the best way to see good players; watching them do their thing, yet still lose to your team. Another interesting note as far as AJD and I are concerned, we have both reached critical mass on the brisket sandwich. I think two things are contributing to this; one we must have eaten those sandwiches at 7 consecutive games, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing; two, on one of our recent trips to the brisket bodega we saw the vendor pour barbeque sauce out of an industrial container. The mystery was gone. I knew the sauce was never a secret recipe, prepared lovingly by some local resident, but to see it just poured out of bottle that looked like a bleach container, well it was like discovering the flirty bartender actually isn’t into you and she flirts with everyone. The romance is gone.

The rest of the series went the Sox way, including a great comeback from being down 5-1 to win it 6-5. The White Sox then traded away their starting pitcher for Friday’s game against Oakland and had to call up a kid from triple A to make a spot start. I wish I could remember his name, but an hour after notching his first major league win, he was optioned back to the minors. Saturday’s game was a rare home loss but they were dominated for the second time in about a week, give or take, by Dallas Braden. The finale of the home stand was a bit of a pitchers duel, featuring Gavin Floyd and Gio Gonzalez, yes that Gio who was sent over in the ill-fated Swisher trade. Both pitchers were cruising, until Gonzalez had a poor fifth inning and the Sox jumped out to a 4-0 lead on the massive power of Golem, I mean Brad Lillebridge. It was a lot of fun listening to my son refer to Golem as “Lilly.” I wish I could have watched Floyd pitch a little more intently, but games with the kids involve a hell of lot more than baseball. Even so, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. In fact that would be an awesome season ticket plan for each home stand, one game for me and a friend, AJD being the default option, and one game during the stand with me and the kids, call it the Ozzie Jr. and Joey Cora Plan.

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