White Sox Recap: Catching Up.

It’s been a while since my last recap, largely because I was on vacation for a week (see previous post!) Thankfully I didn’t pay much attention to the White Sox and their post All-Star game road trip. They lost 3 of 4 to the Twins, took 2 of three from the Mariners and lost 2 of three from the A’s for a disappointing 4-6 road trip. I was certain they had earned a split in Minnesota, being notified by the husband of my wife’s cousin, cousin in law? who is an avid Yankees fan it turns out, that they were up 6-2 in the 9th; cue the Jenks meltdown and losers 7-6. A bit of a respite followed in Seattle, and I even got to catch the local broadcast of the final game, the one the Sox lost of course. Finally, thankfully, I missed all of the Coliseum of Horrors that is Oakland. Since I’ve been rooting for the White Sox I’m pretty sure they have only won the series in Oakland once, 2005. For whatever reason they just implode out there. So, they let Minnesota back into the race, beat a team that everyone beats and do their usual swan dive in Oakland. I really didn’t miss much at all. It’s going to be a fun second half.


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