White Sox Recap: Beating Up Bad Teams and First Place!

Well that was the way to come into to the All-Star break. Winning three straight within the division, better yet beating a team that just begs to be beaten and finishing the first half on top of the division, and nobody except the most Pollyanna of White Sox fans believed that could happen. At the Memorial Day Holiday I broke down the schedule and determined if the Sox got within 3-4 games by July 2, all hope was not lost. I wasn’t that hopeful, but unlike Dan Bernstein of the Score here in Chicago I couldn’t declare the team dead so early in the season, but it was looking pretty grim. By the time June 8 rolled around, the Sox were 9 ½ games back. Then Streakus Major occurred and the White Sox rattled off 11 in a row. That pulled them with 1 ½ of the division lead. A lost weekend in Kansas City where they dropped 2 of 3 to the Royals, created a small panic/I told you so to occur, but 2 of 3 from Texas leading to Streakus Minor to close out the half and push to the division lead. Keith Law can call the opponents the White Sox faced cupcakes, but on June 1st did any team look like a cupcake for Sox? I think not. In a twitter response from Law when I pointed out the Yankees faced similar cupcakes he retorted that no one was touting the Yankees after a similar, but not quite as successful run. Two things about that, one pundits like Law and many, many others did not pick the Sox to be any good, so for them to rattle off streaks of 11 and 8 and go on a 25-5 run seems worth touting. Of course it also shows that perhaps the pundits don’t know everything, and they could possibly be wrong. Two, I don’t recall that much touting going on until the pretty much the break. Up until that time, it was all Lebron all the time. I wouldn’t put the coverage up there with the Strasburg coverage, so I think being all pissy about the Sox getting a little attention for a good run seems kind of silly.

Anyway the series against the Royals was really great to see. A team clicking on all cylinders and dominating inferior opposition is just fun to watch when the team you like is doing the dominating. I guess this is how Yankees fans feel all the time. I got to walk on the field before the Friday game with the kids’ t-ball team. I’ve done this three times now and I still think it is awesome. I wish the players were a little more accessible, but I get that their busy. It is their job after all. We got to see AJ hit two homeruns and Buehrle pitch a pretty good game. The only concern over the weekend was the pitchers form Triple A. Marquez came in for the ninth and gave up two runs and didn’t look particularly sharp. Thank goodness he had an eight run cushion. The other rookie, Dan Hudson did not look good at all, giving up five runs in four innings and walking three, not good for the top prospect in the system. What’s worse is he is the leading candidate for replacing Peavy. Get busy Kenny. The Sox bats were very much in force during that game and had fifteen runs of their own. Put it all together with the win on Saturday, and the Sox moved into first place and they got to keep it for a couple of days.

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