White Sox Recap: The Post that Time Forgot

Whoops! I forgot to post this a month ago. I wrote it on a plane after the first cubs sox series. Anyway, better late than never!

Well that was a pleasant weekend. I don’t get too carried away with the whole Cubs/Sox thing, as a matter of fact I would much rather have another series versus the Yankees and Red Sox here in Chicago than have to deal with all of the civic posturing, media hype and mouth breathing meatball fans that seem to come out of the woodwork for these games. I find it hilarious that BP is now the official sponsor of these games. Perhaps we should give the cup back and they could use it to plug the leak.

Otherwise, the Sox actually looked pretty good. Peavy pitched well in the opener, well enough to win anyway, not that the bullpen didn’t try and give it away. Going from 10-2 to 10-5 when the game mercifully came to an end isn’t exactly going to get Sox believing in a second half run. Bobby Jenks did his best to inspire and fear and frustration in Sox fans the next day, barely holding on to Mark Buehrle’s 3-0 shut out. If further proof is needed of Buehrle’s reserved place in the NL, look no further than this game. He has pitched against the Cubs more than any other NL team, naturally, and he still does well against them. Further the Cubs are one of the better hitting teams in the NL and White sox pitching looked like the pitching we were promised in March.

The final game was just a treat. Last year I called a post, “Finding the Extraordinary on a Friday Night,” and this game fits that bill as well, except being on Sunday. Gavin Floyd and Ted Lilly put on a pitching clinic, allowing 4 hits between them, 3 on Floyd’s ledger and just 1 on Lilly’s. Both pitchers had incredible stuff all night, while neither is what you would call a hard thrower. Interestingly, both had wicked sliders working and Lilly had the fortune of no wind to blowing in wind to aid his fly ball approach. Either way, watching the game that went that deep with dueling no-hitters was just a wonderful way to spend a Sunday night after a busy weekend. I rarely commander the television from my wife, regulating myself to radio updates of Sox games as we watch something, usually anyway, much more entertaining. On this night though when the question was asked, “Are we going to watch something else?” the answer was a resounding no. Even with the explanation of what was going on and the potential of history in the making, my wife was visibly unimpressed. To her credit, she did concede the night, knowing full well as I do that the bill will be paid soon enough.

Floyd lost the no-hitter first, and eventually the game and Juan Pierre basically came up in the 9th swinging away. He got on base and Lilly left the game. It would have been poetic if neither pitcher got the win, but Carlos Marmol pitched a rollercoaster of a 9th but still got the save. All in all, a series win is a good thing and maybe the Sox can do something the Cubs can’t do, win in Pittsburgh.

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