White Sox Recap: A Perfunctory Post

What can I say I’m behind the times. I missed the entire road trip after the 11 game winning streak. I was busy and out of town for pretty much the entire week. Of course, my worst fears were realized with the White Sox losing two of three to the Royals (who are currently leading the majors in team batting average!) and then played so well against Texas, one of the hottest teams going right now, taking two of three right back making it an even steven road trip at 3-3. In that time my deadline for giving up on the season has come and gone and I’d like to pick over what I said needed to happen and compare it to what actually happened, but I’ll save that for the All-Star break. So, I’m not going back over the recaps and box scores, the Sox had an ok trip, I missed it. Sue me, it is called Kaufmak’s Lazy Blog, after all.

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