Fitness File: Revenge of the Tight Pants

Yep, it’s not going well and an article in the most recent Runners World sums up what I’ve been doing, using my workouts as justification to eat like a pig (sorry the article isn’t available on RR just yet.) Looking back over the past week or so, food choices have been absolutely horrific. I’ve had steak twice, chicken kiev, lots of cheese, brisket twice, at least two servings of ice cream that I can remember. I’m like a junkie on a bender and the pants unfortunately don’t lie. The good news, I suppose, the battle against my IT band is going quite well. New shoes, new stretches and ice have worked wonders. And like the article cited above my return to running and added mileage has added to my appetite and I have been devouring pretty much whatever I can see post run, thinking, “hey, I just ran! A slice of pie and ice cream won’t hurt.” I am horribly, horribly wrong.

Even though I’ve needed an abacus for the caloric intake of late, I did complete my longest run in months over the weekend. Granted it was just a knick over 5 miles, hardly counts as a long run, it still felt good to be on the road for a good spell. It was also wonderful to run in my hometown for the first time in ages. I forget what hills are like, though a recent trip to Atlanta also reminded me how painful/wonderful hills can be as well. Anyway, on my run I ran a portion of my high school cross country course and three hills, the final one reducing me to a walk. The mile plus on the CC course was an odd trip down memory lane. The smell of cut, baking grass was amazing and remembering how slow I was in high school (even slower now!) was kind of fun too. I must admit as well that no matter how draining running in the heat and humidity can be, I feel great doing it. Of course cleaning the car on the same day was a bridge too far and I was pretty much dehydrated by dinner time, feeling pretty crappy.

So it’s back to work, back to Chicago and hopefully back to making my pants fit again.

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