#Whitesox Recap: We won the Cup!

The White Sox are the city champs and even have a lame cup to prove it. Let’s face it, as a whole we don’t particularly embrace new trophies in the United States, especially when they are sponsored by a foreign corporation that is currently embroiled in the worst environmental disaster ever. And could we please stop reporting the BP oil spill as a natural disaster? Yes, nature is being harmed the most by the oil spill, but it did not occur naturally, like a hurricane or tornado. This bears the fingerprints of the humanity, plain and simple.

Back to the baseball, the White Sox looked pretty good over the weekend and the Cubs, well they looked just awful. I know coming from a Sox fan that may seem very biased, but seriously they looked pretty bad. Carlos Zambrano is headache number one for the Cubs. They owe him a lot of money, he is underperforming and he is a complete and utter fool. Jim Hendry probably has the same options that he had with the Milton Bradley trade, take someone else’s high priced junk in exchange for his problem child or give Z his outright release and be out a whole bunch of money. I don’t think he can get lightening in a bottle again like he did with Carlos Silva, though still way too pricey but at least he has performed well. Even so, Z is tantalizing. He has such great stuff when he’s on and he’s still relatively young. Maybe if the right manager, a father-figure to Z, a fellow Venezualan could – no, no, stop that right now.

Oh yeah, the White Sox did win the game. Only the most bitter and paranoid Sox fan doesn’t realize that the story of the day was Z’s meltdown extraordinaire. Perhaps it was all a strategy between him and Ozzie Gullien so they could get a good table for dinner. Anyway, the Sox did look good, Peavy especially. Maybe he should look for a way to get back to the NL permanently? Let’s face it: the NL sucks, pitchers have a field day against their line ups. Instead of a DH, why not a DP, designated pitcher for the AL? We all like to see the hitting anyway.

The second game was probably the second best game of the series, excluding the dueling no-no game. Sweaty Freddie has certainly made the transition from hard thrower to crafty veteran rather nicely. I wonder if he puts snot on the ball. I have to admit Mark Grace did a great job analyzing Konerko’s game winning home run. He made the point that Konerko was looking for another fast ball just like the one he swung badly at the pitch before. You could practically hear him saying, “Throw that shit in here again meat.” According to the gun the pitch was 100 mph, inflated or not it was a pretty quick pitch. Unfortunately for Cashner it left the park even faster, 3-2 ball game.

The final game of the series looked to be another Sox win. Danks, who has dominated the Cubs in his career, was going for the Sox and Ryan Dempster who has had bad luck versus the Sox was for the Cubs. Oh well, so much for paper. The Cubs lit up Danks and thank goodness for the Cubs bullpen or the Sox might not have made it interesting, ultimately losing in the ninth. Now it’s back to reality and the American League but at least June has become interesting and if the Sox fade and fall hopefully they can at least stretch it out through July, only ruining the tail end of summer.


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