White Sox Recap: Hey You Get Off of My Cloud!

Yes, I’m well aware that the teams that the Sox have just beat, sometimes by the slimmest of margins, were pretty crappy; Cubs, Pirates and Nats are not going anywhere and they sometimes make little league teams look disciplined. Yes, I know that the first two wins over the Nats the Sox scored a combined 3 runs and in one of those games they needed two extra innings to pull it off. And yes, I know that the Pirates could very well be the worst baseball franchise in the history of baseball, giving the current Royals a serious run for their money on that count. All I can say is, shut the fuck up. It has been a ball to watch the Sox this road trip and I don’t care who you play on the road, 8-1 is pretty good. Do I think this team is as good as the Yankees, Red Sox, or Rays? Nope. Are they as good as the Twins? Doubtful, but we’re starting to see the Twins starting pitching falter, if ever so slightly, so… no they’re not as good as the Twins. As good as the Tigers? Yeah, I think so, at least right now. My artificial deadline for being in contention is fast approaching, July 2nd for all of you new readers ☺ but rising to .500 has been a fun ride. All of you Eyore’s can just be quiet; at least until the inevitable 8 game losing streak, then have at it. Until then, I’m having a laugh.

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