White Sox Recap: Taming Tigers, Eternal Omar and @BSLillibridge

Ok, well that was unexpected to say the least. A better team, who in the first game certainly looked better and yet the White Sox looked great in taking the final two. The first game saw the struggles of Matt Thorton continue, much to the chagrin of my fantasy baseball team, giving up 5 earned runs in 1/3 of an inning. I haven’t checked yet but I think my struggles to stay out of last place have it a bit of a snag. It was nice to see Gavin Floyd pitch well, relatively speaking, 6 hits, 6 innings, 8 K’s, 2 walks and 1 run. Not going to get a Cy Young with those numbers, but it will keep your team in the game.

The lack of offense was made up for, and then some, the next day. 15-3 is a fun game to watch when you’re team is on the slugging side. You know you’re team is going to win when Brent Lillibridge jacks a homer. If you’re not following him on Twitter you should be if for his icon alone. It’s a vintage baseball photo, of the famed midget batsman I think, but with Brent’s face very poorly pasted in instead, just awesome. The other two stars of the game are also two of the older guys, actually other than Jamie Moyer, one of them is the oldest player in the majors this year. Omar Vizquel has been fantastic since Mark Teahen went down with a broken finger. I hate to say it, but his busted digit has been a blessing. The guy was ok at third and just brutal at the plate this year. Omar stepped in and has played excellent defense, like that was ever in doubt, and been the hottest hitter on the club. The second game with Detroit saw Omar get three hits and drive in three runs. The other drinker from the fountain of youth, though not nearly as old as Omar is Freddy Garcia. I have no idea how he is doing it, but he has been the most consistent starter for the Sox this season. While that may be the equivalent of being the tallest building in Omaha, hey the Sox need someone to be steady. Of course what happens when Freddy hits the wall after the All-Star game? That gives me a few chills to say the least.

The final game of the series was what the White Sox tried to advertise as the main way the team was going win games all year: pitching, timely hitting and solid defense. Unfortunately, I think there have been 3 games all year that have followed that formula. John Danks pitched wonderfully, one hit in seven innings and the bullpen looked like they might have finally gotten some rest. Omar Vizquel had another superb game, hitting a Duane Kuiper-like homerun and executing a VERY lucky suicide squeeze to drive in two of the teams three runs.

I’m well aware of the quip from Earl Weaver that momentum is tomorrow’s starting pitcher, but I don’t think that is all together true. There have been many studies about the correlation between performance and mental attitude and having a positive attitude has been shown to have an appreciable effect on performance. While this isn’t exactly what I’d call a roll, winning two of three from a team above them in the standings has to have a positive effect on the team as a whole, right? Right? even a little bit? I just don’t want to give up just yet.


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