White Sox Recap: A quick check in.

I can’t really say much about the split in Tampa Bay. I was not only out of town I was out of touch; no internet, no newspapers, no nothing. It was wonderful, to tell the truth. I did miss getting my baseball fix, but overall I didn’t miss the frustration of watching White Sox baseball for a few days. Even so this road trip wasn’t all bad, 4-3. Unfortunately the Twins are on fire right now so the sox actually lost a couple of games even though their playing better baseball than they have all season. Typical Twins; spend a good portion of time without the MVP, still win; Lose Joe Nathan for the year, plug in Jon Rauch (Jon Freakin’ Rauch!!) and still win; have a starting rotation that doesn’t exactly remind one of the 1971 Orioles and they still win. At this point all the AL Central can do is tip their caps, say good job and watch them get beat in the first round of the playoffs. Bastards.

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