Sox Series Recap: Series Win and It’s More than One Game!

The Sox won another series and this time it wasn’t just one game. It was two of three from an absolutely horrible Cleveland team. Not to be damning the Sox with faint praise, but the Indians are just wretched. Part of that comes from the cruel fates of baseball. Grady Sizemore and Asdrubal Cabrera are both injured and the rest of the line up doesn’t offer much hope. Shin-Soo Choo is the best player by far in the current lineup which means he won’t be around for much longer. As far as the Sox are concerned, Danks pitched reasonably well, but again the ineptitude of the Indians was much more on display. Justin Masterson was very bad. Every pitch that was over the plate was hit hard, and there were a lot of pitches that didn’t find the plate. He made it through 4 innings, but by then the game was already well in hand for the White Sox. A bit of redemption for Cleveland fans did come through. Instead of booing Omar Vizquel like they booed Jim Thome on his first appearance back, they actually gave Omar a nice ovation and they should have. He is a future Hall of Famer and easily the best short stop the Indians ever had, apologies to Lou Boudreau, and he deserved it.

Game 2 was the Peavy game and because of swimming lessons and forgetting to record the game, I did not have to witness how poorly Jake pitched. For a guy who called the series a must win, he sure did stink up the joint, six innings, six runs all earned pushing his season ERA to 6.05. I’m grateful I didn’t have to watch one pitch.

I didn’t get to see the finale of the series either except through the wonders of the internet. I wish I would have seen it, just to have the first hand look and to hear Hawk go apocalyptic. I was convinced after Buehrle got tossed that the Sox were finished, but to their credit they didn’t fold up and actually managed to win 5-1. Oh, wait the final score was 5-4 thanks to the magic of Bobby Jenks. Watching it scroll along on the play-by-play feed was just torture; watching the little animated ball fly all around the field, the little yellow dots dancing around the bases, and no outs being recorded seriously hurt my productivity at work. Thanks for the memories Bobby, but please show yourself out. As far as the Joe West-Ozzie Guillen-Mark Buehrle brouhaha, as crazy as it might sound, Guillen was probably the most mature of the bunch. Buehrle was just being foolish throwing over to first so much, exaggerating his motion and Joe West has the reputation of being very thin skinned so it wasn’t going to end well. The Sox got very lucky that Tony Pena was able to pick up the pitching staff and go four innings without giving up a run. Another bit of luck is that the Twins lost two for the price of one (thanks Ernie) and the Sox got to within 6 games of first place. Now they are off to Tampa-St. Pete where they have a history of playing well and have the Rays been any good this year?


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