Fitness File: Tacos, The Fall of Man.

The week was going along quite well until last night. Two days in a row under points, plenty of good exercise and the knee not acting up too much. Speaking of which, Spin doesn’t help the ITBS very much, but I love it so just going to have to take extra Advil. I can’t say enough good things about the intensity of Spin and if I can’t ride my bike on the open road, it’s the next best thing.

I was rolling along Wednesday, eating right at breakfast and lunch and trying something new on the exercise front, Zumba. Um, I believe Zumba is a bridge too far for me and I’ve done classes called Step Express, and Guns, Buns and Abs. It was based too much on dance and well, I can’t dance; at all. I’m self-conscious enough about my raging psoriasis, my awkwardness and lack of grace in general putting it to music just makes it that much worse. So no more Zumba for me.

The wheels came off at dinner Wednesday night, taco night. I love tacos, even the Old El Paso dinner kit kind, add beans to that and I’m in big trouble. All things considered I did okay, but I probably went over the recommend serving size by about half, if not a little more. To put it bluntly, I was stuffed, never a good sign. Let’s face it when it comes to tacos, resistance is futile.

Thursday is another day and back at it, a little PT in the afternoon and hopefully a workout of some kind. I haven’t hit the weights in two weeks so I think that’s where I need to go, and avoid the tacos.


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