The Battle Joined or Setting Myself Up

So many titles for this post but those two sum up this next project nicely. Basically I’ve shared with you folks my struggles and triumphs with weight and fitness. Since Easter I have pretty much fallen off the food wagon, HARD. A Twitter friend of mine, (what is that a Twiend?) dbwrite4u recently tweeted about moving down a size and it got me to thinking, “how can I up the ante on myself with this food thing?” Well I feel like a slug most evenings and writing makes me feel a little less sluggish. Also sharing what is going on with you folks holds me accountable, at least a little bit. Here’s the deal: I’m signed up for the Chicago Half Marathon in September and I want to get back down to my pre-hernia weight of 170. Supposedly my BMI is 163, but like I said in a previous post (I think anyway) ain’t seen 163 in like, ever. So from now until the half I’m telling the world, well the dozen or so of you who check into these parts, what I’m doing to get in shape and get ready. I’d like to say I’ll check in every night or so, but that probably won’t be happening. However I’m going to try and share the highlights and lowlights of the next few months. A couple of things: I’m currently working on a nagging injury, ITBS. It has slowed me down especially with regards to running. I’m working with a physical therapist and I should see some results, we’ll see. Other than that you’re probably going to learn more about Weight Watchers than you planned and exercise and what a cry baby I can be. Don’t worry the Sox, Phish and musings on life will continue but a public training log seems like a fun activity for the summer. Wow, I already regret that last sentence.

to get things started: It was a pretty good day. I ate ok, of course McDonald’s isn’t the best diet plan, but I did go chicken, salad, no fries, except the fries I stole from my daughter. Other than that pretty good. I also did a weird, new to me machine for cardio, an elliptical climber; not bad but it isn’t nearly as good as running. Overall I can’t complain and I’m not thinking about the chocolate covered almonds behind me, honest.


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