Yes a sweep on the road by the White Sox! Whoo-hoo! About time some good news came our way. Ok, so it was only one game, thanks to the rain out yesterday, but The White Sox need all the help and hope they can get. Thanks to the ineptitude of RCN’s knock-off DVR (Tivo my friends, settle for no substitutes) I did not get to watch the game. I did keep up with it via the internet at work, but I still like to do my own abridged version of the game, at least when they win. The biggest news from the game is that Freddie Garcia has three wins and has pitched remarkably well considering he wasn’t even assured of a spot in Spring. Also, Juan Pierre is finally looking like a lead-off/.300 life time hitter. It is kind of amazing he is either the leader of the league or close to it in stolen bases, considering his BA and OBP was just miserable through April. He had a double driving in 2 and a walk. His average has risen to .247, not exactly going to get him to the All-Star game, but a little more of the same and the boos will probably stop when he plays at US Cellular Field. Yep, nothing beats a sweep.


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