Two for the Price of One

I kind of missed a stop along the way, but lets face it I didn’t miss much. The quickie in Minnesota gave a little glimmer of hope, that first win on the first night. Since then, it’s been a pretty quick descent into the crapper, losing two of three in Kansas City. Something that I’ve always believed was a misconception, especially in baseball. Some folks believe playing well against good teams is the measure of where a team is at; I take Lou Boudreau’s approach. When asked the key to his success in 1948 he replied, “We beat the bums.” To put it more politely, a superior team routinely beats an inferior one. The Sox are not accomplishing this by even the most generous of standards. The split in Minnesota was nice, but it doesn’t mean much; a nice little win and a game where they kept it close. Kansas City was much more telling. The Sox basically didn’t show up for the first game, could have easily lost the second and were pretty awful in the third. It is nice to see Peavy pitching well. I hate to see it, but I’m kind of taken in by all the “ace” stuff. It’s been awhile since the Sox have had someone who has carried himself this way.

Other than that, not much to feel good about. I suppose the comeback on the second night in KC was nice, but when you realize it was Castro’s first hit of the season that tied the game, it kind of tempers the enthusiasm. Seriously, I know the guy is the back up catcher, but that is still pitiful. A lot of this falls on the Ozzie and Kenny tandem, but I have to put more blame on Kenny and the front office. I’ve mentioned the free agent pick ups and trades from the off-season before, but pretty much nothing has panned out thus far. Of course, it was pretty public knowledge that this was the team Ozzie wanted. Hard to believe that these are the guys he originally had in mind. It just feels like Kenny went bargain hunting and what looked good on the rack doesn’t look so good in the pale light of day. It isn’t just the new guys though, it’s some of the guys that everyone expected to be better. Combine that with the new guys not performing, and it’s a disaster, especially when there is nothing backing these guys up. Looking at the spots that have just failed all year, AJ, Beckham, Quentin, and Teahen, there just isn’t anyone on the bench or in the minors to come in with a hope of doing better. I give Ozzie a little credit though, this weekend in KC he gave Vizquel a start and played Kotsay for two games. Of course both of them are hitting worse than the guys they replaced, so not much of respite for anyone. I was really hoping a couple of wins would have come from KC before the Sox go to Detroit and more than likely get toasted for three games. My personal season over deadline seems to be more and more generous by the day. On the bright side, I think Frank Thomas is done for the year doing color analysis. Not only baseball, but the entire broadcast world can be grateful for that.

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